Materialien für den Dialog III

14. September 2009

Schöne Menschen mit ansprechenden Gedanken. Da möchte man gleich in den Dialog eintreten.


Press TV: Lebanon’s leading Shia cleric issues a religious edict forbidding any kind of normalization of ties with Israel.

Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadhlallah issued the religious edict (Fatwa) declaring, „The normalization of ties with the Zionist enemy in any form is prohibited by Sharia (Islamic law).“

„We confirm that the fatwa against normalization applies to every Muslim,“ he said in a statement issued on Sunday.

The 73-year-old Ayatollah added that the whole of Palestine within its historic borders is an Arab and Muslim territory and that no Arab leader has the right to relinquish even an inch of land that belongs to the Palestinians.


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